Former Residents

This was part of an email exchange with a man named Gilbert who lived in the house briefly as a child.

Gilbert:  “My mother and I did live in that house – 1950 – 1953 approximately -“

Linda:  ” was it a house or a triplex?”

Gilbert:  “Tri-plex – My mother and I lived upstairs – a deputy sheriff – his wife and
stepdaughter lived on the left as you face the house – An insurance salesman
and his wife lived on the right as you approach the house – I do remember
some things about the house – It was owned by a preacher at the time we
lived there –
I was eleven to thirteen years of age at that time -“


3 comments for “Former Residents

  1. Andrew Sellers
    October 18, 2010 at 10:30 am

    You didn’t ask questions about if he experienced anything? That would be very cool to put on here.

  2. October 23, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    I lived in the house in I believe the first part of 2005. There was a lady with alot of kids that loved on the first floor and me and my husband lived upstairs in the apartment. I can honestly say I was spooked and it was eerie, but I never felt threatened. A few strange experiences happened. I experienced that door in the landing, and it would not open for a few weeks after we moved in. When I opened it finally, I found all kinds of pictures from former residents that they had left. (Maybe they could not get the door open either?) I would not go into the window room, and at that time there were no blinds or curtains. I was terrified of that room and kept both doors closed. The stairs were eerie that led down. I loved the old fashioned bathtub and we used the fireplace room as you call it as our bedroom where I spent most of my time there alone as my husband worked out of town. I can recall one incident in particular that happened in the fireplace room in the closet. My husband was looking for something and messed up the closet, and I went to straighten it up and it was clean and straightened! Also, the curtains in that room would be covered in some sort of bugs or something daily, no matter how much I cleaned them. I even called the landlord, and they sent an exterminator. It happened again after that. Ok, one more thing. Me and my husband had been together for seven years and thought we could not have kids. I actually conceived my son in this house by a miracle. I do not believe there is evil, but definitely spirits. I would always feel weird in this house.

  3. September 13, 2012 at 8:46 am

    my father has has alot things happen to him when he growing up as child he is the baby n now I feel like it been past down to me there things I cant explain that happens since I was growing up as child too. my father says he cant believe I’m still alive.

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